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Tesla Generator Plans

Tesla Generator

The Tesla Generator was first conceived by, none other than, Nikola Tesla himself in 1888.

This page is going to explain the basic concept of the Tesla Generator and also how it came to be. I'm also going to touch on some of the latest developments surrounding the magnet generator.

Magnetic generators are already being used widely by the government and by private individuals.

Some of them are being made commercially to power large grids or government facilities. You can also find some of these Tesla Generator devices for sale online or through private enterprises. However, probably the best way to get your hands on one of these is to get the parts and make it yourself. Tesla has already shown us how....

Tesla Generator Explained In Simple Terms

The Tesla Generator is a simple machine which converts magnetic energy, first into kinetic energy, which is then turned into electrical current. Do you remember playing with magnets as a child? If you do, you'll remember that when you put two ends of magnet together they will either be strongly attracted to each other, or they will exhibit a strong repulsion force.

Magnets are polarized at either end. This is normally called North and South, in electrical terms the North end is positive and the South end is negative, however in magnetism it is more correct use the terms North and South. The repulsion force is when you put two of the same end, North or South, of a magnet together. Opposite ends attract and identical ends repel.

The strength of this repulsion is what drives the Tesla Generator and it is this exact energy which is being harnessed to spin the turbine to create the electricity. The basic design places the positively charged (North) magnets around the outside of a cylinder at a slight angle to compensate for any cancelling out effect.

A central turbine is placed in the centre and is also positively charged, thereby creating a strong repulsion force to the outside circle. Once the spin is initiated the repulsion force continues to power the turbine faster and faster. The turbine collects the energy and converts it into electrical current.

Continued below....

Tesla Generator Early Days

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943), as the name suggests, is the creator of the Tesla Generator. Originally from Smiljan, Austria, he emigrated to the United States in 1884.

Tesla was a brilliant electrical and mechanical engineer and responsible for numerous inventions and pioneering technologies.

One of the most talked about, of course, is the idea of free energy, and more specifically his electro magnetic Tesla Generator.

His work on the common AC motor (patent #381,968), which he developed in his early days converted AC electrical current into mechanical power. This changed the way things were done in these days as the less efficient DC current was the standard at this time. He later went on to sell this invention to Westinghouse.

The Modern Tesla Generator

Chinese national Wang Shum Ho (also known as Wang Shen He), is being dubbed the 'modern Nikola Tesla'.

He has used the idea of magnetic repulsion to create his very Tesla Generator.

He currently has a 5kW prototype generator and is currently looking for financial backing to patent his creation and bring it to the market.

It is said that his device would retail for around US$1,250, which would give a very healthy profit margin as the parts and assembly would be rather straight forward.

Wang has been working on this invention for a long time.

One of his first public showings was in 1997 at an invention show in GuangZhou.

He later joined the Hong Kong Invention Society in 2004 and has been constantly working on and improving his Tesla Generator model.