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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

energy at home. For more info about me check out the about page here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

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Free Energy Blueprint Review


In fact, most of the diagrams are the exact same ones that have been used for other scams. By reading he step by step guide you will notice that this product actually does make a small bit of sense but it will never be capable of powering anything more than a light bulb or two.

This system will allow you to create anywhere from 20 watts of energy to 100 watts while the standard light bulb requires 60 watts. Living off the grid will never become a possibility with this system.

Free Energy Blueprint Download

The sad part about this product is that a
magnet motor does have the potential of creating a lot of power, but it has not yet been developed to do so.

Free Energy Blueprint will allow you to create a small sized magnet motor by using a series of magnets for turning the generator. This product would probably be worth a try if you were someone who wishes to come up with a magnet motor that actually works since you could use some of these ideas. However, unless you are able to effectively tweak this product, you won't find any use in it.

The diagrams are very complicated to understand and the lack of a support crew makes it literally impossible for you to come in contact with either Ronald Bronson or any of the website creators. Some of the information is valid, but most of it can be found online for free so if you try this product, don't expect to find a revolutionary machine.

With the cost of electricity constantly increasing due to the diminishing non-renewable resources, many people are beginning to place their trust and money into free energy systems. Although these programs would be truly amazing if they actually delivered what they promise, most of these companies fail to do so.

Free Energy Blueprint is one of these companies which promises to reduce your average electric bill to almost nothing.

Researching the product online would lead to a vast amount of confusion because most scams like this one spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars simply to falsify reviews, testimonials and build fake social network profiles. This can bring about a lot of misinformation but in the end, no matter how many excellent testimonials this product has, the Free Energy Blueprint product simply does not deliver as advertised.

Free Energy Blueprint Kit

Ronald Bronson, the creator of this product portrays himself as an energy enthusiast. The fact that the creator actually mentions his name along with adding a picture of himself does add some credibility to the person himself, but the product remains weak.

When opening the main website you will see a video and this video has actually been used in several other free energy websites which have also proven to be scams.

This leads one to think that the same individual is behind most of these free energy websites. The entire magnet motor system that Mr. Bronson is selling comes at the standard scam price of $49.99 and it promises to reduce your energy consumption from 20% - 50%. The promises made by Ronald Bronson are much more realistic than the competitors, but they are still unattainable with the provided product.

Free Energy Blueprint PDF

Just like every other free energy scam, the Free Energy Blueprint comes in the form of a do it yourself
PDF eBook. The PDF contains 57 pages of images, diagrams and even details on how to efficiently build your own power system with ease. If you have previously purchased other free energy systems online you will notice a big similarity between this eBook and the others. Continued below....

Free Energy Blueprint Review