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Johnson Motor Review


Johnson Motor Parts

When building your own power system, regardless of whether it is a wind turbine, solar panels or even a generator, you will need to understand basic mechanics.

Howard Johnson's system might advertise that anybody has the ability to build their own Hojo Motor within a few minutes but this is a lie. The truth is, the step by step guidelines that you receive with the Hojo Motor download are very complex and difficult to follow.

If you cannot locate the exact parts that are required for building the generator the way it is shown in the downloadable file, you will be stuck. Although the website tells you that you can find most parts in a local hardware store, some parts are more difficult to find and could even require you to pay large sums of money.

Johnson Motor Generator

When something
seems too good to be true, it normally is. This product tells you that within a few hours you can build a generator for under $400 which will power your entire home at no cost. To push their luck even further, the Hojo Motor Company tells you that this so called generator is mobile and can be brought with you anywhere you go.

When trying to contact the people at johnsonmotor.org you will run into more problems since they do not provide you with a phone number and although they have a Facebook page, there is no activity on it whatsoever. You are left with a single email address, but don't expect to receive a response anytime soon.

In the end, you would be much better off investing your time and money towards a good wind turbine rather than throwing it away for a complex device that might be able to power one or two light bulbs.

The Hojo motor is a legitimate energy device, but you can get a lot better plans elsewhere than the one being sold through johnsonmptpr.org.

Johnson Motor Scam

I'm sure you are fed up with receiving surprisingly large electrical bills every month and although it may seem like a true necessity, you can find alternatives to help power your home.

The Hojo Motor is the main focus of this article because it has sparked up a lot of talk on the internet recently. There are a lot of good guides for this motor being sold on the internet, unfortunately, the one at johnsonmotor.org is NOT one of them.

This motor was created by Howard Johnson, a very infamous inventor during the past century whose line of study resembles that of the popular Nikola Tesla and his Tesla Generator.

However, Johnson's motor is much different than Tesla's and does not give you the same amount of power for your home. The Hojo Motor product is rather simple and does not give you very much for the price.

The entire step by step guide can be bought at the price of $49.99 which is rather expensive for a small do it yourself guide where you are responsible for all the work and parts.

Johnson Motor Device

The primary thing to watch out for when purchasing the Johnson Motor product is that the United States does not offer patents for perpetual motion devices, yet this one claims to have three patents. This can raise a red flag by telling you that the patents either don't exist or the device itself is not exactly what it's made out to be.

Regardless of the patents, the device itself is not delivered to you directly but instead you must build it with your own parts and accessories. When purchasing the Johnson Motor product online through johnsonmotor.org, you will be given nothing more than a guideline to follow.

This can create a lot of problems because there is no support system with this particular site which leaves you stuck at the first question that comes to mind.

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Johnson Motor Review