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Nikola Tesla Secret Review


According to some, the energy comes from an ongoing discharge of "positive" particles from the sun impacting the "negatively" charged Earth (or negatively charged ionosphere, which unlike the Earth actually is negatively charged). Others talk about the energy coming from the ambient heat of the air.

Neither of these explanations can account for
how the free energy is to be produced, of course. First of all, while the sun is indeed positively charged, the solar wind is negatively charged; there is no current that can flow between the sun and the Earth using any principle known to science. Secondly, the ambient heat of the air is not a viable source of energy. The sun certainly is one, but a different mechanism is required to exploit that potential. Without paying for the guide to making the Tesla generator, there is no way to find out how it works or even to get a clear explanation of the scientific principles involved. That by itself raises this writer's skepticism.

Nicola Tesla was certainly a genius and whatever his project was, the idea of free energy is certainly tantalizing. But one should always be skeptical of claims to have completed his work, unless they are accompanied by a detailed and scientifically valid account of exactly what the process involves. So far, no such information has come to light.

As we approach -- perhaps have already reached -- the end of the era of cheap oil, the need for a replacement increasingly dominates our minds and imaginations.

The different forms of renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biofuel power, together with increased energy efficiency, likely will dominate the energy economy of the future.

But until this transition can be completed, many people who don't understand the scientific principles behind genuine green energy may be tempted by what seem like too-good-to-be-true possibilities, that are, in fact, almost certainly not true.

Nicola Tesla Secret Review

One such false opportunity exploits the name of one of the great inventors of all time, and one of the pioneers of electric power:
Nicola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current. Tesla, we are told, discovered something called "radiant energy" that he believed would provide free electricity to the entire world.

His research into the project, funded by J.P. Morgan, was near success when Morgan pulled his support and left Tesla high and dry, ostensibly because he didn't want to provide the world with free energy; that would cut into his own profits considerably.

Although there are some facts involved in this account (
Tesla was indeed working on something that he said would provide free energy to everyone, and Morgan did fund his research for a while and then stop), part of the account is certainly inaccurate. Morgan did not stop funding the project because he feared it would succeed, but because he didn't fully understand it, was not sure it would ever pay off, and in a time of recession was not so eager to risk losing his money. More pertinent to the great vacuum of information surrounding exactly what Tesla was working on, the project itself and all record of it ceased to exist long ago.

There are now merchants online that claim to have rediscovered Tesla's secret for generating unlimited free energy and to be willing to share it for a small price. Examining these sites, one finds detailed (and at least partially accurate) information about Tesla's life and the story of his aborted experiment.

One finds testimonials and tributes, and warnings that the site may soon be pulled by the "energy industry," who don't want you to hear about it. One finds, naturally enough, a way to order the plans for the device, for a price just under $50. What is never clear, though, is exactly how the device is supposed to work. Continued below....