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Permanent Magnet Motor

Permanent Magnet Motor Free Energy

permanent magnet motor is a type of electric motor. All electric motors rely on the magnetic interaction between the stator frame (the fixed housing of the motor) and the armature or rotor (the part of the motor that moves). Many electric motors use an electromagnet for the rotor and sometimes for the stator frame as well, although this is less common. In a permanent magnet motor, the rotor contains a permanent magnet rather than an electromagnet.

Permanent Magnet Motor Theory

A permanent
magnet motor is capable of generating higher torque than an induction motor or certain other designs. Also, a permanent magnet motor is capable of being used for power production rather than mechanical motion, especially in a wind-power device. In this case, the energy that makes the motor move comes from kinetic motion itself, such as a windmill rotor, rather than from an electric current as in an electromagnetic motor. Since an electric motor is basically a "reverse generator," converting electric current into motion while a generator converts motion into electric current, both operate on the same principles and use similar designs.

Permanent Magnet Motors And Wind Generators

Permanent magnet motors, also called in this context
"permanent magnet generators," are commonly used in wind power applications. The motor/generator is what is used to convert the kinetic energy of wind into electrical current. Generators for use in this application, like every part to a wind-power system, are ruggedly built and well protected against the elements.

The magnets used in a
permanent magnet generator are made mostly of neodymium and are among the most powerful and durable permanent magnets in use. The wind turns the turbine, and the turbine turns the magnets in the generator, which generates an electric current. Because of the high efficiency of a permanent magnet generator, less energy is lost in conversion from the kinetic form of wind energy to the electric current you want.

Permanent Magnet Motor Plans (Building Your Own)

Building your own permanent magnet generator
is no easy task. It is by no means impossible, but requires access to lathes, welding equipment and other heavy machinery and considerable engineering knowledge.

If you have the equipment and feel your knowledge is up to the task, great; otherwise, it might make more sense when constructing a home wind power system to purchase this component. Continued below....

Permanent Magnet Motor Manufacturers And Retailers

PMGs are manufactured by a number of companies, as are the parts to build your own such as rare earth magnets. Several on-line retailers also offer PMMs and PMGs, of which the most reliable is probably

Amazon has a strict screening process for retailers, which reduces risk in purchasing. You can also sometimes find these components on eBay, and might be able to find a good deal at a somewhat higher risk.

Permanent Magnet Motors And "Free Energy"

You will sometimes see advertisements for plans and designs that promise "free energy" from permanent
magnet motors, such as the "Hojo motor" or the "Tesla generator". You should be aware, however, that a PMG is not itself an energy source. It is simply a highly efficient way of converting kinetic energy, such as that produced by a wind turbine, into electric power. Considerable care is needed as a lot of scams and rip-offs are on the market.

The energy from wind power is "free" in the sense that no one is going to charge you for use of the wind. But it has a source and is not a form of perpetual motion, which would violate the laws of physics.