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Sky 4 Energy Does It Work?


One's innate skepticism should always be aroused when confronted with a pattern like this in which the only information available amounts to a well-constructed sales pitch. The combination of a good story like that of Tesla, rising electric prices, an understandable desire to reduce energy consumption or replace consumption of electricity from the grid with something produced at home, and environmental consciousness, results in a powerful incentive to believe. But one should be cautious about investing in a product of this nature without first understanding what is involved. Regrettably, one can find no such understanding in regard to Sky4Energy.

It may be that the caution expressed here is unwarranted. If so, then surely we will be treated to success stories, and the interest of scientists anxious to make a name for themselves as the solvers of all mankind's energy woe's will be drawn.

In this age of the Internet, to suppress knowledge this important, as Sky4Energy claims the electric-power interests are trying to do, is quite impossible in the long run. So if in fact the claims of Sky4Energy are valid, then that will inevitably come out. But as things are presently, caution is probably the best policy.

Sky4Energy is a company marketing an on-line guide to making a generator that can provide "free energy" using a principle discovered (and lost) by the great inventor and engineer Nicola Tesla.

The story of Tesla's project and its demise is an interesting one. Towards the end of his career, Tesla was working on the wireless transmission of power, and on something related to this that he claimed would provide an endless supply of free electricity.

Wireless power transmission is of course a developed technology by this time. What Tesla was referring to as his source of free energy, though, has been lost.

J.P. Morgan, who was funding the project for a time, pulled funding when Tesla told him the details of it. Morgan thought it unlikely to succeed, and in a time of recession was more cautious than usual about risking his capital.

All of Tesla's notes and records were destroyed in a fire. He never completed the project, he and Mr. Morgan are both deceased, and there is no way of determining what exactly it involved.

Sky 4 Energy Review

Sky4Energy claims that another inventor named Thomas Henry Moray completed Tesla's work and discovered or rediscovered the free energy source that Tesla had been seeking. Moray did early work on something that may or may not have been solid-state electronics, and claimed according to some to have found a source of energy from the sky and a way to tap this energy that involved an antenna and some transistors or semiconductors.

He filed for a patent but his application was rejected. Moray later claimed that his work had been suppressed by the electric power interests.

Both these life stories are quite interesting, and the thought of unlimited renewable electric power that can be accessed more cheaply than solar or wind power is of course intriguing. Unfortunately, one can find
no good information from Sky4Energy regarding exactly what the science consists of behind the device whose design they offer for sale.

The company has done quite a remarkable job of search-engine optimization, so that a Google search displays a great many articles on the company, its product, and what it can do, many of them similarly worded and all showing a similar pattern, long on the story of Tesla's lost work, claims of inexhaustible free energy, and testimonials, but completely lacking any technical explanations of the source of the power to be tapped. Continued below....

Sky 4 Energy Does It Work